Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hipster Games... may the trends be ever in your favor

"Thank you District Silverlake."

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hipster Pilgrimage

Hipster Item: SXSW Platinum Pass
Where Can You Find this: the Official SXSW website? Or Craigslist from a creeper if you want to save money. 
How much Beer am I sacrificing?: Hard to calculate when you are getting so much free hard liquor.
Will it make me authentic: Not really considering that you can get the exact same experience for free by RSVPing to a million and one free parties like Fader Fort or ruining your credit to get an AMEX so you can get into the exclusive Jay Z concert. Not like you even like listening to him, its just the hardest party to get into.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hipster Eyewear

Hipster Item: Ray Ban Wayfarer Glasses (Or Sunglasses if your mainstream)
Where Can You Find this: Ray Ban online so then you can make your own lame unwrapping video on youtube. 
How much Beer am I sacrificing?: 25 - 6 packs aka a weekend alone.
Will it make me authentic: What type of deck question is that?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hipster Hitler

We at Hipster Store want to make sure you are up to date on Hipster Parodies. (After all laughing at yourself is better than being laughed at.) And stumbled across our favorite rendition of historically significant events that may have occurred if Hitler was a hipster. 

One Part Making Ironic Mispronunciations of popular "Indie" Bands
Arcade Fuhrer

72% intake of daily hipster calcium

I <3 Juice

1,000,000 Germans who typed in Arial that will never be "authentic."   


We strongly encourage you to purchase some if not all of their amazing items HERE 

Oh and because we're hipsters that can't afford a lawyer here's the legal disclaimer...

" is strictly a parody, satire and humor site, all content herein should be treated as such. None of the views expressed on this page should be confused with the actual views of the authors, advertisers, the hosting company, any service providers or the owner of this domain name. Everything on this site is intended to spoof, parody and satirize. We make no claims as to the accuracy of our uses the names of public figures for purposes of satire only. Any other names are invented and any similarity to real names is accidental and coincidental. The content of this web site should in no way be construed as factual. It is a work of fiction and all content on this site are for the purposes of satiric criticism and comment. The content on our forum is moderated and we reserve the right to remove any offensive, malicious or defamatory posts from our site. The content of this web-site—graphics, text and other elements—is © Copyright 2010 by Exclusive copyright in all the artwork on this website vests with the authors of the artwork. Our content may not be sold, reproduced, or distributed without our written permission. Any third-party trademarks, service marks and logos found on this website are the property of their respective owners."

On behalf of Hipster Store we say... "Ditto".

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lana Del Rey

For the latest in Hipster Music, Hipster Store presents..

Lana Del Rey

One part Hipster Video.
19 million parts overhype.

She recently performed on SNL
performing is hipster code for looking awkward, being pitchy, and generally announcing with your oversized realistically enhanced lips that you hate life while performing on national television.

Normally Hipster Store would give a link to where you can purchase the Del Rey CD but to date she has yet to release a CD. So until then I encourage you like every other Hipster to steal the leaked singles via some torent share.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's Just A Cigarette

This makes absolutely no sense. And yet it is 100% authentic hipster bullshit.

Note: It will cost you a relationship.

Also Cloves are superior shame on you Princess Chelsea. 

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Hipster Resolutions

1. Stop making out in Dumpsters.

2. Talk to local PBR rep about starting a rewards points system not like Best Buy's Reward Zone but EXACTLY like a card that will give me credits for free beer.

3. Get a salary job so parents can finally "be proud" of the Liberal Arts Degree they paid for.